• Kaetlyn Osmond

When the Weather Turns Nice

Canada is cold. The winter can be brutal. Bundled in sweaters and jackets. So many layers that it starts getting hard to move. Yet at the end of the day, you are still freezing, no matter the precautions you took.

There are part to winters that I love: outdoor skating, hot chocolate, fresh snow, and that cold, crisp air. Though when that air gets too cold and the sun doesn't even want to enjoy the day, it is so easy to hibernate in the warmth of your own home, bundled in blankets, and a great movie on tv.

Today was one of those special days that you get in the middle of winter. Today the sun was shining so bright, and the temperature decided to warm up just enough to be nice. What makes days like today so special, is that it awakens the world around you. Walking out of my apartment this morning, with my dog dragging me down the street, I was surrounded by couples and families enjoying the perfect winter day. The outdoor rinks were filled with skaters, kids were sliding down hills, people enjoyed sipping coffee on patios, and the dog parks were filled with panting dogs running around.

Every single place I turned, I was met with smiling faces. I could hear laughter around every corner. The gorgeousness of the day brought out the positivity of everyone around. Having a day so gorgeous day in the depths of winter reminds people of the joy of life. The beauty of life. The fun that we often forget when it gets too cold.

I walk my dog around my neighbourhood every morning. Often am greeted with people buried in scarves and toques. Hoods covering most of their faces. They are running from place to place, desperate to get into the warmth of their buildings. Today I did my usual walk, plus a couple more hours, and I was greeted by people who just wanted to give my dog some attention. Smiling, laughing, and enjoying life the way it should be lived sometimes. Slow. Calm. Peaceful.

We all move so fast through life. Always jumping from one thing to the next. Feeling something one minute and it's gone the next. Fighting to make it through each day and planning things months in advance. Always looking to something and how to get there. Days like today, people pause. They experience the unexpected beauty of the sun shining bright in February. You see everyone take a breath. Remembering the things that truly matter. Family. Friends. Beauty of love and laughter. Today you see everyone breathe and it is absolutely beautiful.

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