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Valentine's Day <3

This year Valentine's Day came and went. I watched people walk the streets with flowers, chocolate being passed around, and couples walked and kissed without any other care in the world besides each other.

In my neighbourhood, there is an art piece that I walked past every single day. Love Locks. Each time I pass it, I am filled with joy and I can't help but smile. Love is decorated with the love of the world. Couples write their initials on the lock and attach it somewhere on the gates. It's gorgeous and warms my heart. I watched people attach their names to it yesterday.

Yes, I am overly cheesy. I am the definition of a hallmark movie and a complete hopeless romantic.

Growing up, I've always loved February the 14th.

Elementary school was filled by cheesy Charlie Brown or Scooby Doo cards. The ceilings in each classroom had hears hanging. Everything was decorated in red and pink. It was always so exciting getting those cards from all your classmates. Jumping for joy and running out to tell your friends at recess that the most popular boy in class asked you to be their valentine.

Junior High, things started to get more complicated because boys became much more fun. They stopped being those gross little boys, to becoming something you can be interested in. Still a little gross though. But boys and girls began dating. When Valentine's Day rolled around and you happened to have a boyfriend for that day it was the absolute best! Getting to celebrate with someone special for the first time, and getting to brag to everyone that you have a boyfriend, even if it only lasts a day.

High School and the rest of your life is when things can either go your way or not. But nonetheless, it is usually a pretty great day. If you are lucky, you can share it with your special someone. You can go out on a date and celebrate a relationship with someone you care about. If you aren't at that point in your life yet, usually Valentine's Day can turn into a pretty great party. One filled with couples, or the celebrating the Anti-Valentine's day, where all the single people come together to celebrate their love of life. It is always great to grab a couple of your closest girl friends and have a girls night in - or out. It is fantastic to talk about the feminine power and having zero need for a man in your life.

As I said before, I love Valentine's Day. I've usually had someone to celebrate with, but have never been around on the actual day, due to traveling for skating or long distance relationships. But celebrating was always a thing I supported. Either flowers were sent to wherever I was, letters written and sent in the mail, or hidden cards in my suitcase. Small gestures are my absolute favourite, and they are so effective. Less expensive too. Another amazing part about the day is shamelessly posting a picture of you kissing your man and showing the love that you share together. I love showing the world who I love. It makes me feel good that they are in my life.

A lot of people complain about Valentine's Day and I completely understand. It is very commercial. I often hear about how pointless it is. People always saying that you should always show your love for your partner everyday of the year, not just because cupid said February the 14th is a day for love. I agree with that. A year is a long time. Don't forget your partner exists. Show love always. But life is busy, people get tired. Relationships grow and then you get so comfortable with the person that the spontaneity of a new relationship vanishes. And that is okay. It means that the life you live is great. You can be yourself around your partner and that's the way it should be. But isn't it nice to have a day dedicated to celebrating love. Showing each other off to the world, or spending a night in, reminding each other of what makes the other special. It's easy to loose that side, but it does great things to the human heart and soul being reminded of what makes them special.

This is the first year I've celebrated Valentine's Day alone. It was strange, but I made a night of it. I celebrated the love I have for myself and indulging my imagination with fantasies about my future. I walked around filling my heart with the joy of love around me. I picked up a delicious bottle of red wine and all the ingredients to cook my favourite pizza. I played some nice music and enjoyed my time in the kitchen, dancing and singing along to whatever came on next -- I am a horrible singer, no one needs to hear that. I relaxed in a nice, warm, candlelit bubble bath, and then curled up on the couch. I had my favourite pjs on, a dog curled up on my feet, a cat as a headrest, and cheesy romantic comedies on the TV... I definitely wasn't complaining. I shut my phone off so that I could enjoy being by myself. Obviously I would have enjoyed having my one special person with me, but right now, I don't have that. So I was my own Valentine and I loved it.

My advice if you were alone this year, is to learn how to love yourself. Learn what it is that makes you feel loved and what makes you happy. Do it for yourself. Then if you find that person to celebrate with, you know what you want. You know the simplicity or the intricacy of the day and you'll find someone to appreciate that with you. I absolute love Love. I love being in love. It's truthfully an addiction of mine. I've also been badly hurt by love. Dug myself into holes that I have a hard time getting out of. But I refuse to ever be scared of falling in love. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I want nothing less than complete head over heels in love. Even if that is a far fetched fantasy, I am not ready to give up on it. I am taking my own advice though and learning how to love myself. You can't fall in love with someone if you don't know how to love yourself first. <3

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