• Kaetlyn Osmond

Upside Down and Flip!

Part of my next chapter in life is getting myself out there and trying new things. Though I have tried silks before, this is the first time I've gone solo. Haley Shannon reached out to me a few years ago on instagram, and I never had the confidence or drive to message her back. Now I can't imagine not answering her back! She proved to be such a phenomenal instructor. Funny and energetic. And ultimately encouraging and enthusiastic. There was such a positive aura around her that it made me feel courageous enough to try anything! With only a little hesitation when I was flipping forward towards the floor.

Silks are tricky!

Haley made it seem so effortless! She climbed up the silks

to the ceiling, wrapped herself up beautifully, and would flip

with such ease and grace that I was convinced it was that easy!

How wrong was I?

Clumsily, I pulled myself up off the floor, getting tangled in silks and inch worming my body up the silks. My brain was working overtime, trying to figure out the puzzle on where

my legs and hands were going and how everything wrapped around. She talked me through the difficulties, until I knew I was in a secure wrap, hanging upside down, with straight legs and pointed toes. She assured me that I was safe as long as I kept hold to certain part of the silks... I definitely wasn't going to let go. That ease that I said she flipped forward with... I did not share that grace. Instead of keeping straight legs and pointed toes, I scrambled until I was sitting on the mat, tangled up in a heap of fabric. Yeah, it took a while to figure out the knots of that.

The second time went a lot more smooth.

If anyone is like me and truly hates going to the gym. Or is trying to find something fun and creative, while working your body and brain... I highly suggest learning circus tricks!

I am exhausted!

And it was only an hour!

But I feel alive and excited! That is what trying new things does to the mental aspects of life. Branching into something that makes you feel uncomfortable, or something you aren't good at, it makes you feel alive. As long as you are willing to laugh at yourself. I encourage everyone to try something new, something off the beaten path... who knows, you might meet someone incredible or discover a new passion.

The amazing and talented Haley Shannon performing!

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