• Kaetlyn Osmond


Timing is a B***h!

There is no better way to describe it.

I’ve tried hard to come up with another way, but timing can work for or against you, and there is absolutely nothing you can do to control it.

I learned about timing in skating at a very early age. Found ways to control it as I got older, but no matter how much I tried, there was often moments of it coming around the bite me. Timing going into and out of jumps is the best example of that. If the timing is perfect, a jump will be as smooth as butter. If the timing is a little off, it might be do-able but you’ll have to work your butt off for it. Though if the timing is off just enough, some part of your body that, isn’t your feet, will find the ice really quickly, and often painfully. Ice isn’t always nice. Ice is another thing can can often be described at a B***h! This timing issue can change from day to day… literally it works sometimes and it sometimes doesn’t. Depending on what your body feels.

I didn’t realize growing up though, how much this lesson was related to real life. Sometimes things work and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes the dream home you want slips between your fingers because you were a day too late finding it. Sometimes you will miss the cute boy at the coffee shop because you had your back turned a different direction, or were passing through the door going in opposite directions. Sometimes you are not-so-well avoiding someone, so you take a different staircase than usual, and you find a way to still run into them a few stories down, resulting in a fit of laughter.

I am a big believer in everything happening for a reason. That everybody has an orbit around them, defining who they are. Sometimes that orbit connects to another, growing together, creating an even stronger orbit. Sometimes those orbits are connected for a while, but start reaching in different directions, until that connection is lost.

That is what I’ve come to discover life is. That there are people we’ve met and activities we do that are perfect in that moment. Sometimes they stay that way. Often it was just a brief encounter. But fleeting moments like that, can often be the biggest changes to your life. A strong eye opener. A realization of yourself or the world around you. That person came into your life for a reason. The earth decided that you needed that person. The universe made sure the timing aligned, so that you could experience something you didn’t even know you needed.

These experiences aren’t necessarily good, but they aren’t necessarily bad either. Sometimes you don’t even know why they came into your life until they are long gone and you are left wondering what happened. You just know that your life is opened for change. And change is allowed. Change means growth. No matter the time of your life that you are in, you need to allow yourself for change. You need change to survive. The timing of that change might make things feel like absolute garbage at the time, but know that it’s for personal growth and there is a reason why it happened.

Timing is a B***h, but she always has an ulterior motive.

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