• Kaetlyn Osmond

Thoughts from Above

Have you ever noticed that when you fly, emotions are always heightened?

I’ve caught myself crying on movies much more than usual, laughing louder than necessarily called for, and found uncontrollably angry at things that wouldn’t normally bother me.

The biggest thing I’ve noticed about being on planes, is that there is a comfortable peace that comes over me.

Yes, I’ve had bad experiences with flying. Everyone has. I sometimes get motion sick. I often have this sense of claustrophobia. The plane either gets too hot, or the person beside me isn’t giving me enough breathing space. I often can get overwhelmed on flights, which is never fun. Usually involves me walking through the aisles trying to catch my breath.

When there is no external feeling that causes random panic, planes have become a safety zone for me. It is a place of peace.

I’ve come to some amazing discoveries while sitting on a plane. I’ve learned I can truly sleep anywhere, but first class is always pretty awesome. I learned I am not always a particularly strong fan of plane food, but I’ll eat it anyways. I learned that I love cosmopolitan magazines and if the flight is long enough, I can finish an entire book.

I graduated high school on a plane. It’s truthfully where I get most of my work done. I was on a flight back from Germany and the last class I needed to graduate, I finished on my eight hour flight.

I’ve spent countless birthdays high in the air, and I know I’ve complained about that fact numerous times, but truth be told, I loved it.

I’ve discovered a lot about my own feelings on planes. It’s so easy to find clarity when you are flying and looking over the earth from above. Watching the sun set (as I’m doing while writing this) and no clouds covering the ground. The world makes sense from up here. Everything is clear because all you can do is sit where you are, relax, enjoy the cheap wine, think, and experience the beauty of earth.

Think about how you feel when you look outside the windows and only see blue skies and white fluffy clouds?

I feel like I’m on top of the world. Like nothing else exists. No worries or emotions, they just get blown away on take off. I’ve flown over the Rocky Mountains numerous times, and seeing those peaks break through the clouds is one of my favourite sights. Such natural beauty.

How do you feel when you know you are getting close to your final destination?

Those emotions I find are the strongest, and they are such a mix depending on what is to come. I’ve had flights where all I feel is relief after a flight filled with turbulence. Moments of fear showing up at a destination for competing, nerves already settling in. Moments of wonder and excitement, realizing I am in a new place or about to get my first beer on my vacation. Feeling disappointed, realizing the people I want next to me are miles away from me at the place I just left. And one of my favourite feelings, are the moments of love. Getting close to that final destination, feeling the butterflies and jitters taking over your body. Knowing that when you hit the ground, you are moments away from being wrapped in the arms of the person you love.

My all time favourite place on a plane is sitting near a window. Not only because it is easier to sleep, but because I’ve caught myself staring out the window for hours just thinking about life. About what comes next. About how I feel. About who I want in my life. How do I get what I want. Those answers are so evident and clear when I am miles and miles above earths surface. And that clarity that I find, vanishes when I hit the runway and the everyday worries start creeping back in.

Planes give you another perspective. A higher perspective. It makes you step away from everything and see the bigger picture. Let yourself dive into that the next time you find yourself on a plane. Your brain can be your best therapist when you are high up in the clouds. Enjoy it. Enjoy the beauty. Enjoy the relaxation. Enjoy clarity.

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