• Kaetlyn Osmond

Surviving Isolation

Never did I think a pandemic would take over the world. Of course it was always a possibility, but the reality of it all is shocking. On top of the shock factor is the fear behind it all. Everything right now is unpredictable. Everything is uncertain. Planning for the future seems to have been paused and we are living day-by-day and minute-by-minute.

My apartment and I have become good friends over the last little bit. Before all this began, there were days where I never wanted to leave the comfort of my bed and face the world. Now we are being told to stay inside and practice social distancing, and I feel like a kid being told not to reach for the cookies, only to be caught later with my hand in the cookie jar. Being told to stay inside is making me want to go out and play.

So how do you survive staying inside for long periods of time? What are you doing to keep yourself occupied and sane? Do you have an isolation buddy, or are you by yourself? Here is a run down of my last couple days... is it relatable to you?

Day 1: Slept in. Got groceries. Napped on the couch, while binge watching Gilmore Girls and Kim Possible. Made dinner. Slept on the couch until midnight. Went to bed.

Day 2: Slept in. Ran last minute errands. Met up with a friend for lunch. Read a bit. Turned on TV. Many hours later, convinced myself to cook dinner. Went to bed.

Day 3: I am making a plan to keep myself from going crazy. My body hurts from numerous hours spent lying down and having no physical activity. And my brain feels numb from watching so much TV and sleeping for so many hours. I woke up early this morning to make a plan.

- start the day with a nice relaxing bubble bath, with coffee, and a good book.

- make secondary coffee to enjoy breakfast with.

- Read a bit more.

- write... a lot of emotions will reveal themselves when you spend more time alone.

- pilates videos. I am not good at home workouts. But small videos to get my body moving will be a good start.

- Only turn on tv once all this is done, or else I won't start anything.

-I have books, colouring books, and notepads. I am trying to limit my use of technology.

These are all things I was hoping to start improving in my life to begin with. Spend more time fuelling myself with things that make me happy. Writing makes me happy. Bubble baths make me happy. Reading, colouring, acting like a kid. All these things bring me joy. Now, being confined to my apartment by myself, there is no better time to start doing these things.

Social media can be a scary place on the best of days. Now it is filled with memes and news surrounding the Coronavirus. It is people being scared. It is showing people being paranoid or panicked. People deal with this type of situation differently. It is new to us all. Some of us need constant updates. Some need to find humour in it. Some need to stay active. And some need to hide in a corner. But we are all dealing with the same situation. For myself, I am limiting my time on social media because constant conversation is making me scared. I allow myself to get up to date on the situations, and then turn it all off for a few hours so I don't overload myself.

The world does so much for us. It lets us live, thrive, and accomplish our wildest dreams. It lets us interact and fuel our emotions with the companionship of others. The world lets us be hopeful and inspired. We all get a little rundown sometimes, overworked or overburdened. We all have days where we are begging for a break. The world is telling us that it is sick.

The world is telling us now that it needs a break. And that means we need to respect that. Give it time to heal so that we can thrive again soon.

Wash your hands, keep to yourself, and stay healthy. It is the time for everyone to heal.

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