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She's So Fluffy!


I let on in my last post that I have some exciting things to share that I would be posting about periodically. Well today is the day where I announce the first exciting thing!

Meet my new girl Roxy!

Yes, I know. I'm crazy! I already have my puppy Rasquette and my cat Annie. Why would I need another puppy? Well that question is simple, I love animals!

Roxy is a labradoodle. And she is absolutely adorable! I was looking at puppies because well the pandemic is having an effect on me, but also Rasquette.

I feel lonely quite often and continuously being home alone is really tough. Rasquette and Annie have been my rocks and I don't know how I could be at home so often without their presence near me. I always know when I'm coming home that I'll have a puppy excited at the door and a cat waiting for me to snuggle her. Or when I curl up in the couch, Rasquette is there to keep my feet warm and just be connected to me in the smallest of ways.

The pandemic hasn't been easy on Rasquette either. She hasn't gotten away unscathed. She's gotten too attached to me being home all the time. And often when I'm home, I am sitting at the computer doing work or teaching a zoom class. Of course we play, cuddle, and go for walks, but she still spends a lot of time just being a lazy dog. I've noticed her mood change quite a lot recently. She's a lot mopier and she's having a big issue with me leaving for a couple hours here or there to get some air or grocery shop. I have a Furbo Dog Camera which is fantastic, but it alerts me when she starts howling, which is becoming a lot more consistent and a lot more heartbreaking. Also, when she isn't howling, she's curled up against my front door waiting for me to get home. It breaks my heart.

So Roxy is a part of my family to help me in my loneliness and for Rasquette to have a friend she can play with and keep her company when I'm not home.

Currently Roxy is in Alberta with my family, I'll be getting her in a few months, once school is done for the year and I can get back to my family. So I'm still waiting to meet her in person, but for now she's enjoying her time with my niece and nephew, while my family gets annoyed with me constantly on FaceTime.

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