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Holiday Traditions

Holidays are a special time of the year for me, as they are for many people. I know there are many different holidays to celebrate, but my family celebrates Christmas. And I love it! I live and breathe Christmas when it comes around. I love everything that surrounds it: the Christmas lights, the movies, the music, the family times, the food, the drinks, the gifts (both giving and getting), and ultimately just a lot of laughs. Christmas is my happy place, no matter what else is going on.

For years, Christmas was always a busy time for me because I would be still training for our Canadian Championships in Skating. It was great. But it made me a little cautious about getting enough sleep or not eating too much food (both of which I never listened to well. Always stayed up too late and always ate so much of everything). I usually only got two days completely off for the holidays, so I would make them count. So holiday traditions became a big thing.

One of my favourites was making pizza with my dad on Christmas Eve. It started when I was about ten years old, and my dad was teaching my sister and I how to make pizza from scratch. It was hard! I learned very young that I was not strong enough to knead dough... I've gotten better throughout the years. Actually, this year I think I made my best pizzas yet! Once my pizzas are made -- usually around six of them -- we would cut them up and head to a party where everyone ate them, leaving very little for me! And I cooked them!

After staying out late on Christmas Eve, I become the little girl, eager to celebrate Christmas morning. I love the quiet darkness. I never wake up later than 6:00am. Just wide awake, itching to open up presents. I learned young how to start the coffee machine, hoping that the smell would drift through the house and wake people up. I made hot chocolate for myself when I was young, turned to coffee when I found that love, and would sit on the couch looking outside, the best is when it would snow, and wait not-so-patiently for everyone else to join my Christmas excitement. Now that I am older and I have a young niece and nephew, my family migrates to my sisters home to watch them open presents bright and early. Then rush back to our house to cook Christmas dinner.

Then comes my last favourite tradition of Christmas. Boxing Day! That day is not for shopping as it is for a lot of families. Boxing Day for me, along with many other sports fans, is World Junior Hockey Day! No matter where in the world the tournament is being held, my family will wake up and through a party for the first Canada game! We have begun celebrating that day as early as 7:00am. It is the best day of the year! Great hockey, great friends, and once again... great food!

Everyone has their own Holiday traditions. Each one is special in their own way. I love my Christmas traditions and I love the way it brings me back to love and joy every year. It isn't about the presents or craziness that usually takes over the holidays... for me it is pure love of the relaxing days. Not letting the rest of life worries take over for a couple days. Just shutting it all out and have fun with the people I love the most!

I would love to hear what makes your holidays special!!!!

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